A note from the CEO

During the past decade the world has shifted from being a cluster of national economies to a global and interconnected market place, based on on-line import, export and distribution of products, services and information around the world. Business and markets are no longer confined to geographical and geopolitical borders, but are linked in a complex worldwide network. Companies have moved along with global business trends - from national firms they have turned into international and global corporations.

Transport and communication technologies have been leading the way in the processes of globalization. Globalization means a free flow of goods, people and information around the world and the transport and logistics industries have to facilitate it. Consequently, transport market has undergone fundamental changes and restructuring to answer, and to provoke, the new needs of the network digital economy.

The traditional forwarding company used to only move goods from point A to point B. The modern forwarding/ logistics service provider offers not only organizing the physical movement of goods, but also customer orientation, reliability, punctuality, flexibility, innovation, customer-tailored logistics solutions and comprehensive advanced logistics services, based on extensive know-how and world-wide logistics networks and resources.

Acknowledging the above global developments, Unishipping International has played along with them. Being deeply committed to our mission and vision, we are every day facing the challenges of the ever-changing market and fully embracing its opportunities for our customers, thus staying among the forefront companies on the market.

We constantly set ourselves higher and higher standards and strive to achieve them. Our highly qualified and motivated personnel recognizes that no transport solution is universal and readily employs personal dedication, company know-how and innovative ideas to design efficient and effective transport and logistics solutions that would meet any customer's needs and requirements.

Your logistics cares are our care and we take them personally!

George Belev
CEO Unishipping International Group